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"Fly me to Volos", by Vanessa Green and her students (USA)

Thank you very much and a big congratulations to Vanessa Green, teacher in Tennessee (USA) and her students for their beautiful work, recorded during a training:


Article in the Greek newspaper ""

Thank you very much to the Greek newspaper for this new very complimentary article about "Fly me to Volos" published on October 07:Thank you very much to the Greek newspaper for this new very complimentary article about "Fly me to Volos" published on October 07th:


Recital at Festival 'Les Guitares du Cotentin'

I am again scheduled for the Festival des Guitares du Cotentin on October 27th. There will be a surprise during the concert, so all welcome!!!


More information:


Press article in french newspaper 'La Manche libre'

Many thanks again to my friend Myriam Leblay from La Manche Libre for her time, her kindness and for this beautiful article on 'Fly me to volos'



'Fly me to Volos', by Ukrainian guitar ensemble 'BRAVO'

Congratulations and a big thank you for this 1st complete version of the Anthem 'Fly me to Volos', recorded by the Ukrainian ensemble 'BRAVO' during a rehearsal, to help the other partners. This video was posted a few days ago:


Congratulations to the students but also to teachers Liubov Lihashevska & Viktoriia Lihashevska for their remarkable work.


'Fly me to Volos', official Anthem of the World Guitar Day

The Anthem teaser (computer version) is now live on the channel:


Press article in the Greek newspaper "Taxydromos"

Many thanks to the Greek newspaper "Taxydromos" for this new beautiful article.


Press article in the Greek newspaper "Taxydromos"

Thanks to the Greek newspaper "Taxydromos" for this new article.



Article for Music Crowns

Thanks to the English magazine "Music Crowns" for this article presenting my Percuslap technique:

Music Crowns


Greek newspaper articles "", "Magnesianews", "Gegonotan ews" and "Taxydromos"

Thank you very much to the Greek newspapers "", "Magnesianews", "Gegonota news" and "Taxydromos" for this very nice articles about my Anthem "Fly me to Volos":


Press article in rhe Greek newspaper 'Thessalia'

Many thanks to the Greek newspaper "Thessalia" for this beautiful article promoting the 2nd edition of World Guitar Day (112 countries, 630 participating cities!), as well as the Hymn "Fly me to Volos" that I wrote and dedicated to Yorgos Foudoulis & Volos World Guitar Orchestra which he directs, in thanks to all that they brought me.This piece will be played in the 4 corners of the world during this 2nd edition on October 18th by various official partners!


Outstanding and Distinguished Honorary Member

On this day of July 24, 2022, my Greek friend Yorgos Foudoulis names me 'Outstanding and distinguished honorary member' of the Volos World Guitar orchestra, 'in the name of all the members', in gratitude for writing the Anthem 'Fly me to Volos' which will be played around the world during the next World Guitar Day. I am really very proud and very honored by this distinction. Thank you Maestro and delighted with this superb new adventure. Thank you very much to all the partners also who invest in this project.


Press article in La Manche Libre

Many thanks to Michel Saint Martin of La Manche Libre for this beautiful and very complimentary article published on July 12th.


Recital 23rd July church of Saint Lo d'Ourville, Portbail (France)

Thank you to the Portbaillais Animation Committee for inviting me to perform on 23th of July at the church of Saint Lô d'Ourville (be careful there are several churches in Portbail!!!)


Press article in Ouest-France

Thanks Ouest-France for this beautiful article promoting my recital of tomorrow in Angey (France)


Press article in la Manche Libre

Thanks to Michel Saint Martin and La Manche Libre for this beautiful article promoting my recital on July 8th in Angey (France)



Video test of the Capo d'astre 'Performance 2' offered by G7th

As promised some time ago, here is a little test video on the "Performance 2" star capo in 18 carat gold plated offered to me by Tommy Loose, representative of G7th Company.

Both slim and elegant, this capo is very pleasant and easy to handle.

Many thanks again Tommy, as well as to G7th Company.

G7th website:

Test video:


Recital 08th July church of Angey (Mont Saint Michel's Bay, France)

Thank you to the ABBA association and its President Robert Le Biez, an incredible visual artist, for inviting me to perform solo in the church of Angey on July 8th. You can already reserve your seats online!



The Youtube channel, 15 years old!

The youtube channel is 15 years old today.... a lot has happened... a lot, and very beautiful ones.... Thank you for your loyalty and your support throughout these 15 years !


New dates!

2 concerts scheduled for July in Manche (France).


Fingerstyle Guitar Journal n°27

My composition "Like a wink" featured in the American magazine "Fingerstyle Guitar Journal" n°27. Thanks to my friend Bill Piburn, editor of the magazine, for all his investment. You can (re)discover this composition dedicated to my friend Maria Linnemann that I played during the Randobaie festival last September on my channel or that of Fingerstyle Guitar Journal:


G7th Capo

Thanks to my friend Tommy Loose from the British star capo brand G7th for this splendid 18 carat gold plated model that he gave me and that I received today in my mailbox! Despite my big day I couldn't resist and I went to try it right away when I arrived, I wasn't disappointed! Soon I will make one or more test videos. Thanks again Tommy!


La Manche Libre

A huge thank you to my friend Myriam Leblay for her kindness and all her dedication. Magnificent article written by herself and published in La Manche Libre on the 16th of March.



Thanks to the French WikiManche association for having referenced me in their encyclopedia.

Damien Aribert Wikimanche.


International Spanish Composition Competition 'Fidelio'

'Eclipse in Rio' finished 7th out of 88.